Magnetic work surface

A magnetic work surface for processing, marking or cutting fabrics is a great help.

Magnetic work surface

The problem was to mark, stitch and cut the fabrics in parallel in larger lengths. On an existing round table, these were not right and kept slipping.
There is no space for a rectangular table. After use, the whole thing should be easy and space-saving to accommodate.

You will need:

    • an ironing board
      – Advantage: the worktop is height adjustable
    • a worktop 700 x 1400 mm made of light plywood, approx. 20 mm thick
      – Please note the minimum height of the magnets used and the depth of the wood screws
    • 4 magnets
      – here neodymium pot magnet Ø 40.0 x 8.0 mm with bore from older stocks, comparable to the current offer Neodymium pot magnet Ø 32.0 x 8.0 mm with cylinder bore holds 23 kg.
    • Wood screws
      -these should not pierce through the top of the board when attaching the magnets

Used ironing board

Wooden board for worktop

Pot magnet used

Pot magnet mounted on the worktop


    • Remove the cover and the felt layer from the ironing board.
      The surface should consist of a metallic expanded metal.
      Based on the positions of the stabilizing struts, four positions are marked for the magnets.
      In theory, other positions are also possible.
    • The plywood board should have splinter-free edges.
      I rounded mine with a contour mill. The surface should be sanded smooth.
      Optionally, the surface can be treated in color or with a glaze.
    • Use a Forstner bit to drill the countersinks for the magnets. These should be flush with the wood.
    • The magnets were attached to me with wood screws. These reach into the wood with 7 mm.
      The holding force of the pot magnets is sufficient not to pull the magnets out of the wood.
      Alternatively, these could also be glued in.

magnetic work surface

Markings have been made on the wooden board to facilitate alignment of the board on the ironing board.
When not in use, the wooden panel can be stowed on a wall to save space.
The ironing board can be changed back to its original shape at any time.

I hope the proposal can provide relief to others in similarly cramped conditions.