Model construction of a magnetic cross wood stack

Our customer provides us with his instructions for building a model of a magnetic cross wood stack.
Cross wood stack are used to support loads (building collapse) or to enlarge surfaces so that one does not sink in with supports (crane, work platforms).

Model construction of a stack of wooden cross-pieces

Hello Magnet Shop Team,
Enclosed my magnet application. It is a replica of a stack of crossed wood with magnets.
The model of the „magnetic“ cross wood stack is used for training in the field of work platforms, cranes and heavy technical rescue.

In order to explain the stack of crosswood in theory, I built a model.
Problem with the model: You can’t even move it quickly from one place to another.

This is where the neodymium rodmagnets are used!

Crosswood pile

Stack of crosswoods folded up

Construction steps:

    • Saw off wood
    • Mark holes
    • Pre-drill holes with a 4 mm drill
    • Sand down the wood and remove the marks
    • Use a machine screw to insert magnets into the wood – pay attention to the polarity.

Model construction of a magnetic cross wood stack

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