Magnetic display of postcards

Magnetic display of postcards with magnetic spheres and nails.

Magnetic display of postcards – elegantly


Hello Magnet Shop Team!
I have various uses for the small spherical magnets, for example to temporarily display postcards. They fix the cards inconspicuously and firmly enough, even with just one sphere. This works on a magnetic board and on nail heads. Nails were put into a bulletin board. The cards were attached to these nails. There are no holes.

Nails and magnetic spheres

Magnetic spheres

Magnetic display of postcards

I hammered dark nails into the brown board of my bookshelf. They are dark and almost invisible. Notes or postcards can also be attached here. I think that’s great!

Neodymium magnetic spheres are versatile everyday helpers.
Thanks to their strongly adhesive neodymium magnetic surface, they are ideally suited as holders for objects of all kinds.

In addition, the sensitive magnets are coated with a special coating. With this you can choose between: nickel, chrome and gold.
It’s coating protects the magnetic spheres from environmental influences.

Would you like to stick notes on your fridge? Attach notes and reminders to a pin board or whiteboard? – With the help of these pieces of jewelery, this can be done quickly and easily.
An advantage of neodymium magnets is that they have an enormous adhesive force in relation to their mass, but at the same time they can be removed without any problems.
The spheres are useful and challenge your creativity. The magnetic tension makes it possible to stack the spheres on top of one another. Sculptures can be put together and much more.