Magnets against bicycle theft

Our customer has an ingenious solution that he would like to share with us; Magnets against bicycle theft.

In today’s application he shows you how you too can make things difficult for bicycle thieves!

Prevent bicycle theft with magnets

In order to secure thru axles on bicycle wheels against theft, I sunk a magnet into the Allen screw (note the size!).
This can be removed using a magnet. I have implemented this with a quick release set with a special 5-point wrench, of course it can also be used with normal Allen screws. In the picture you can see the screw for securing the saddle with a magnet and the larger magnet glued into the special key.

Allen key in axis

Magnets against bicycle theft

I think it is a good solution to prevent the occasional theft of the wheels. A thief is unlikely to have a matching key and magnet with him.


The Allen wrench, also known as a pin wrench, is a very simple tool. It is often added to furniture that you have to assemble yourself. It is an Allen key. This is used to tighten and loosen special screws.
The Allen screws are used to reach screw heads that are difficult to access. The Allen key can be used for machines and cabinet systems. Allen screws can also be found on bicycles. The Allen key can be countersunk together with the screw head. An Allen key screws the Allen screw without any additional support or holding tool.