Magnetic arming tabletop characters

Magnetic arming tabletop characters with the help of our products.

Magnetic arming tabletop characters

Today I would like to introduce you to my magnet application:

It is a modularization of tabletop characters to adapt to different opponents.

With different models it is possible and also necessary to mount different weapon systems. There are also shields and support systems.
This is due to the rules. Normally these add-on parts are firmly glued to the model and many models with different equipment are required to be armed against any opponent.
By using small magnets, the models can be designed in a modular manner. A lot is saved.
In particular, the small neodymium blockmagnets are ideal for making weapons magnetic. They fit wonderfully into the existing openings on the model. In addition, these can be incorporated very nicely (on the right in the picture).
The attached parts always point in the right direction. (In contrast to the round magnets, these can only be rotated a few degrees)

Magnetically arm tabletop characters

Arms can be ideally attached to larger models with discmagnets. These hold the alignment position. (left and middle model).
A lot is possible even with very small parts; 2 mm magnets can be hidden very well on the model (bottom center, the small black point in the back).
They enable the optional attachment of a squad leader rucksack. Even heads can be made interchangeable in this way.

In addition to superglue, a drill and various milling cutters were used to install the magnets – easy and barely visible to the ignorant.
The larger discs make it easier to transport the figures. These were glued under the floor panels. In the transport case, I place this on its corresponding counterpart.