Magnet therapeutic horse blanket

A magnet therapeutic horse blanket for healing purposes is today’s topic.

Magnet therapeutic horse blanket

Hello Magnet Shop Team!
I have used different sizes of your neodymium magnets for magnetic therapeutic purposes on horses.

So far, there is no suitable loop on the market to place magnets on a horse’s knee joint.
That’s why I pushed discmagnets into a 10 cm wide Velcro tape material. The distance is 5 to 8 cm.
I inserted the closed Velcro tape into a thin horse blanket with rivets. This reaches knee height and covers the spine area.

Discmagnet in Velcro

Magnet therapeutic horse blanket

Discmagnets were attached to the inside of the bell with duct tape. Others were processed into Velcro ankle straps. My horse is very grateful for this application!

Magnets in hoof bells

View - magnets in hoof bells

The magnetic field is intended to help patients who suffer from chronic orthopedic diseases such as tendons, ligaments or joint capsules. Not only sport horses that regularly take part in tournaments and are therefore in training suffer from diseases such as tendon problems or inflammation of the musculoskeletal system. Horses that are less challenged can also suffer from these or similar diseases.

Magnetic fields are supposed to naturally stimulate healing processes in the horse’s body and relax muscles. Therapy blankets, magnetic field blankets or massage blankets for your horse offer you therapeutic support through magnetic fields and massage techniques during rehabilitation. They also serve as an aid to healthy exercise.