Crown cap collection

Crown cap collections are among Germany’s most popular items. Time and again, the question arises, how do I best present my collection? With magnets, of course!
Our customer shows an elegant and super simple solution with his magnet application.

Crown cap collection

Hello Magnet Shop Team,

The history: I collect bottle caps. These come from beer or soda bottles. For a long time I was looking for an appropriate way to present them.

The requirements were: I didn’t want to attach fasteners directly to the wall. The adhesion of the crown caps should be reversible. When the collection is enlarged, the specimens from the same region can subsequently be positioned in the immediate vicinity. Gluing the bottle caps was out of the question.

Crown caps and Magnets

By chance I discovered in the magnet shop that there is a magnetic paint which, after being applied to a wall or something similar, serves as a primer for magnets. Commercially available artist’s canvases were coated three to four times with the magnetic paint to create the primer. After light sanding with fine sandpaper, this was finished.
Crown caps are made of metallic material. The magnets adhere by themselves. The magnets were then attached to the inner surfaces of the crown caps and the crown caps adhere to the canvases.
They can be positioned appropriately and moved if necessary.
As a label, a magnetic tape was cut into suitable pieces and labeled with labels. This solution is easy to implement. An absolute WOW effect is guaranteed!

Crown caps collection

Magnetic paint & Magnets & Crown caps