Magnetic closure for knife case

Today’s application shows us how to make a magnetic closure for a knife case.

Magnetic closure for knife case

Hello dear magnet shop team!
I used a small discmagnet from your range as a closure for my knife case. I keep a Japanese folding knife in it.

The magnet was glued to the leather. I don’t need a counterpart for this application. The knife offers enough metallic surface.

When doing handicrafts and many other uses of magnets, they are glued to wood, plastic or other materials.

Japanese pocket knife

Magnet on knife case

Magnetic closure for knife case

You will be amazed at the magnetic force of the neodymium magnets. The extremely high magnetization is caused by the neodymium-iron-boron used. Even the smallest discs become power magnets.
Most of our neodymium discmagnets have the magnetic poles on the two opposite circular surfaces (axial magnetization). Some magnetic disks are magnetized diametrically.

A magnetic lock is a locking system. Magnets are used instead of conventional locking systems. Magnetic closures offer the wearer the greatest convenience. Due to the magnetic force, closing and opening the lock is extremely easy and offers the greatest possible security. These are available in numerous shapes, colors and variants.
There are many different methods of processing the magnet. As in this case, a permanent magnet is used.

Here you can find more examples of magnetic closures that our customers have created with the help of our products.