Magnetic spice tray

Our Instagram cooperation partner „Handwerkstueck“ has built a magnetic spice tray with our products.

Original project:

Required tools:

  • Cordless screwdriver
  • Grinder
  • Chisel, hammer
  • Flat drill, masonry drill
  • Folding rule with pencil
  • Spirit level
  • Saw

Detailansicht Material und Werkzeug


Required material:


Detailed view of material and tools

Work steps:

  • First, the wooden board is cut to the desired size and the side facing the wall is hemmed
  • Work the board with the sander to get a nice smooth surface


  • Measure and mark holes with a folding rule and spirit level.
  • The markings on the wall are balanced using a spirit level.

Measure dimensions for holes

Mark the holes

View position of the bracket

  • Next, the drill bits are used with the help of the cordless screwdriver to drill holes for: Flat holes for the magnets, bracket on the board and holes for the bracket screws on the wall

Cordless screwdriver for drilling

Screws and magnets


  • Work out and create the elongated holes with the chisel

Drill elongated holes

Process with a chisel

  • In the next step, the magnets, the bracket and the dowels are embedded in the respective holes and screwed

Holes for bracket

Screwed bracket

Align the spice tray with the wall


  • Attach the board to the screws in the wall and the metal spice jars can be attached to the magnets

Magnetic spice tray

Magnetic spice tray "Handwerkstueck"

We would like to thank Handwerkstueck very much for its great application. You can find these and more on Instagram. It’s worth taking a look!