Attach the bike lock magnetically

Attach the bike lock magnetically to the frame. Always ready to hand!

Attach the bike lock magnetically

With the help of two blockmagnets, I built a holder for my spiral lock on the bike.
Magnets were attached to the bike and the lock with the self-hardening silicone rubber „sugru“.

Two packs of silicone rubber per magnet were used.

Bicycle lock


Magnetic attraction

Attach the bike lock magnetically


Sugru was applied to the magnet. The magnet was pressed against the frame of the bike. It should be enclosed on all sides with the silicone rubber.
Let harden for 24 hours.

It’s holding force is very important! The bike lock must not fall off the frame.
I recommend using block magnets instead of disc magnets.
Blockmagnet is better able to withstand the lever of the lock.

With most of our block magnets, the north and south poles are on the two opposite large surfaces.
Like our neodymium discmagnets, these cuboids also fall into the category of “super magnets made of neodymium”.

We offer the strong neodymium magnets with a nickel or epoxy coating. Magnets with a black epoxy coating are better suited for humid environments.

Sugru is the world’s most versatile and creative glue that turns into rubber. Learn some basic methods.
Gluing: Sugru sticks permanently to numerous materials such as glass, ceramic, wood, metal and plastic.
Shapes: You have 30 minutes to repair, connect and create.
Cure: In 12 to 24 hours, Sugru transforms into a strong and durable silicone rubber that sticks.