Magnetic attachment of a darkening

Our customer came up with the idea of creating a magnetic attachment for a darkening blind for his car.

I occasionally spend the summer in my car. It gets uncomfortable in the morning. The sun is way too bright and the car is slowly heating up.
With a suitable darkening, you can at least delay the problem for a long time and sleep in comfortably.

The attachment to the body is with discmagnets.
It is easy to use. The paint on my car is spared.

Magnetic attachment of a darkening

Get rid of the suction cups and annoying marks on the windows!
The blackout sticks to the car. Even with the tailgate open.

Magnets inserted

Magnetic attachment of a darkening

Advantages: The blackout can be removed cleanly and easily. They can be positioned more easily. It can be attached and removed in next to no time.
The magnets were simply pushed into the loop and sewn on both sides. Attention should be paid to any plastic covers and the associated higher adhesive force.

The blackout is magnetically attracted to the frame of the window. It ensures the necessary privacy and protects against unwanted incidence of light.
Please note the polarity of the magnets.

We find this idea very helpful and look forward to sharing it with you. You can find more interesting ideas on our blog.