Wall decor elements attached magnetically

Our customer shows how he attached wall decor elements magnetically in the living area thanks to neodymium magnets.

Attach wall decor elements magnetically

I have floor-to-ceiling decorative elements in our living room. Those are attached to the wall.
Behind it, various cables (network, LED, etc.) are hiding.

Magnets on decorative element


Detail view

To ensure access to these cables, I did not screw on the insert elements. I attached them using small discmagnets.
The magnets were not glued in place. They were stuck into the hole.
With this solution, the insert elements can be pulled out at any time without the use of a tool. The entire decorative element does not have to be dismantled in a laborious manner.

 Safe and easy

Wall decor elements attached magnetically

Over and over again, neodymium magnets show how versatile they are. They offer extraordinary and practical solutions in the field of handicrafts and home design.
You will be amazed of their magnetic force. With an extremely high magnetization due to the neodymium-iron-boron used.
Most of the neodymium discmagnets are are axially magnetized. Some magnetic discs are magnetized diametrically.

The uses are unlimited. Be it at home, in the office or in the workshop, our magnets can be used anywhere and provide diverse support.

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