Color coding with identification tapes

Our marking tapes serve as color and visual identification for all organizational and planning tasks on metal surfaces. In contrast to magnetic tapes, they are not intended to be used to fasten objects.

Color coding with identification tapes

Hello Magnet Shop Team!
we are a wholesale company for roofing and plumbing needs.

For flexible warehouse labeling, we use your identification tape in different colors, namely yellow, blue, red and white.

This enables us to mark new goods more quickly. Because it is sold by the meter, it is very easy to vary the lengths individually!


Color coding with identification tapes

Identification tape in the warehouse

No labels are required. The tape can be written on with a foil pen.

Magnetic identification tape as a visual aid
Our magnetic tapes are indispensable and flexible helpers for permanent or changing signs and labeling tasks on all steel surfaces!
They offer the opportunity to create eye-catching visualizations on metal surfaces and whiteboards. Everything can be clearly labeled. These are colored magnetic tapes.
The tape is available as a roll. You can cut it to the length you want with scissors. Small and large markings can be made. Quickly and individually. Each colored tape from the range sticks to all metallic surfaces such as whiteboards, flipcharts, metal walls or directly to metal. The possible uses are unlimited. Identification tapes cannot be used as a base for magnets.