Sun protection attached magnetically

The self-made roofing on the terrace requires sun protection, this is attached magnetically.

Magnetically attach the sun protection

Hi there,
I built a glass roof with a steel frame on our terrace. After the construction of this canopy, the question arose of how to attach the sun protection (shading).
One possibility has been eyes and hooks. The attachment would have been very complex.

I got the idea! I work with magnets.
The attachment is simple, quick, flexible and inexpensive. I used steel memo magnets.
The number and spacing of the magnets depends on the thickness of the sun protection.


Sun protection on the roof

magnetic attachment

You can often avoid drilling by using magnets. Magnets are particularly advantageous when it comes to variable attachments.

Sun protection attached magnetically

Memo magnets / office magnets made of neodymium and steel housing for a secure hold

These memo magnets are made of high quality steel and have an extremely high adhesive force.
Thanks to their high adhesive force, the magnets are difficult to remove. The grip edge makes it easier to remove the magnets.
The reason for this strong adhesive force is as follows:
A neodymium magnet is built into the metal pot. This brings an adhesive force of up to 22 kg with it.
Different diameters and strengths are available.
With these magnets you fix reliably.