Replaced misshapen wheel magnets

Our products have replaced misshapen wheel magnets on bicycles.

Wheel magnets

Problem: All bike computer manufacturers supply inductive signal generator magnets for spokes and cranks. These are used to measure speed and cadence. Unfortunately these are suboptimal. These are too big. Aerodynamically unsatisfactory. They whistle at high speeds. In addition, these are heavy and unsightly. The fastening methods are not satisfactory. Optically unsuitable!

Here are a few instructions for the installation.
The following pictures show different standard wheel magnets, in my opinion these are not functional and unattractive.

First you temporarily attach the new magnets to align them exactly and to do a function test.
Cadence and speed!
Now you can start with the assembly.
I use 2-component epoxy resin for this, superglue also works, but the latter can sometimes lead to a loss of the magnet.
A reasonably precise mixing ratio of the components must be observed!

Now the joint has to be prepared by slightly roughening it with fine sandpaper.
Degrease the areas with alcohol. IMPORTANT!
Now the spoke magnet can be put in place. The cadence magnet can be placed on the crank.
The magnet is held in place with scotch tape. After hardening you remove it again!