GPS magnet attachment

A strong magnet for a strong machine: GPS magnet attachment.

GPS magnet attachment

Hello Magnet Shop Team!

Here is my magnet application; it is a fastening of a navigation system on the motorcycle with neodymium pot magnets.
An adhesive force of up to 30 kg was used on metal and up to 87 kg on leather. I packed my existing car sat nav in a waterproof bag for the motorcycle.

Magnet on GPS


GPS magnet attachment

This is normally attached to the handlebar. The navigation system vibrates a lot. You are blinded by the sunlight falling on the protective cover.
Fastening it to the tank with the neodymium flat gripper is inexpensive. Magnetic bags for motorcycles cost at least three times as much. It’s easy to read. Vibration is barely noticeable on the tank. The attachment is secure.
The navigation system is secure (§ 22 StVO). It can easily be removed by the driver. The magnet has no negative effects on the vehicle’s electrical system or the function of the navigation system.

Incidentally, the navigation system is so close to the battery. A USB connection can be made. No unnecessary cables!

Pot magnets – small and strong
By using a metal pot the holding force is increased. The magnetic core is located in this. The pot changes the magnetic flux and thus increases the force. Even relatively small magnets adhere very strongly. These magnets are versatile and suitable for both commercial and private use. For example, they can be used as gripping magnets for industrial applications for transporting steel and iron parts. These magnets are also very suitable for strong and quickly detachable fastenings without drilling. They are suitable for trade fair or shop fitting. As mounting magnets in private households or for hobby applications.