Music notes magnetically attached to the music stand

The sheet music with the music notes is magnetically attached to the music stand during the performance, neatly and tidily.

Our magnets are also used in music, as our customer shows us today.

Music sheets magnetically attached to the music stand

Dear Sir or Madam,

I use magnets to hold my sheet music securely on the music stand.
At home it doesn’t matter if a few leaves fly off. The magnets are never missing from a gig!

I found beautiful cone magnets in your online shop.
The shape of the magnets allows them to be removed very easily. I enjoy practicing a lot more. If it doesn’t work out, I always think „Don’t be angry!“ 🙂



Cone magnets / handle magnets with neodymium core in different sizes and colors

Who doesn’t know the famous characters from the „don’t get annoyed“ game?
What is attached with the cone magnet can be easily removed or moved at any time thanks to the particularly ergonomic shape of the cone. The very strong neodymium magnet on the underside makes it ideal for notices on information boards, for attaching notes or plans to metal surfaces or for hanging postcards on the refrigerator.