Clear organizational aid for forklift planning

Our pot magnets come into play for an accurate and clear organizational aid for forklift planning.
He’s using our magnets at a festival. Apparently there is no situation in which our magnets cannot be used sensibly 😉

Clear organizational aid for forklift planning

Hello magnet shop,
today I would like to introduce you to my magnet application:

When setting up and dismantling a festival, we want to know the current status and position of our forklifts at all times. This information is simply noted on our map.
These magnets will show the exact position of the forklifts on the festival map.

The perfect type of magnets for our solution: Neodymium pot magnets with internal thread.

Materials and work steps

  1. Magnet
  2. Washer
  3. Forklift properties sign (number, color, lessor, lifting height, load capacity, manufacturer)
  4. Nut
  5. Sign free (the signs were laminated and cut out)
  6. Fign reserved
  7. Fign occupied
  8. Sign break
  9. Washer
  10. Driver name sign
  11. Wing nut

Pot magnet with sign

Marking on the map

Clear organizational aid for forklift planning

How the neodymium pot magnets with steel pot work:
The strong NdFeB magnets are built into a steel pot. This metal housing protects the neodymium magnet from damage and increases the adhesive force.
In order to be able to achieve an optimal adhesive force, the pot magnet must lie directly on the metallic substrate.

Special feature:
These magnets have a central hole with a continuous metric thread. Objects with an external thread, such as screws, can be screwed together quickly with the holding magnet. The maximum operating temperature is 80 ° C.
Holding magnets / assembly magnets/ pot magnets are used particularly often in industry, trade fair and assembly construction. These pot magnets can be used in advertising and display construction. As well as in the lighting sector.