Invisible decoration attachment

Invisible decoration attachment – changing decorations for the whole year – our customer had a suitable idea for the use of our magnets.

Magnetic decoration attachment

Good day!
I would like to introduce my application to you, the idea is – I think – very good:

Task: Attaching Christmas balls to the kitchen window without having to drill holes in the ceiling.
The Christmas balls are removed again after Christmas, another blanket can be hung up at Easter, etc.

Hookmagnet on magnetic paint

Magnetic paint

Invisible decoration attachment

I painted dots on the ceiling with magnet paint.
I applied the paint twice.

After the paint had dried, I attached hook magnets made of neodymium to these points.

Now I can hang up Christmas balls on it.

After Christmas I want to remove the magnetic hooks and paint over the magnetic paint in white.
And at Easter I can reattach the magnetic hooks and hang up other decorations.
So the ceiling always looks neat. When removing the decoration, the magnets can easily be removed. With new decorations, these quickly adhere to the magnetic paint.

You can find more contributions from customer applications with hook magnets here! Take a look.

Thank you for sending me your magnetic idea. We are happy to share these with our customers and look forward to further useful applications.