Attachment of the towel rail to the bathroom radiator

Our magnets can be used in all areas – for our customers also in the bathroom for an attachment of the towel rail to the bathroom radiator

Attachment of the towel rail to the bathroom radiator

Hello Magnet Shop Team!

For my bathroom radiator I was looking for a way to attach a towel rail. The wet things should be dried. I don’t want to hang them directly on the heating rods.
A neodymium blockmagnet was attached to the end pieces of the towel bar that was bought with superglue.
After a drying time of 24 hours, the bar could be attached to the bathroom radiator.

Block magnet on a rod

Attachment of the towel rail to the bathroom radiator

Rod to radiator

I hope this example helped you!
At this point I thank you for your kind advice.


Magnetic adhesive for repairs and handicraft fun

Can you actually attach magnets with adhesive? Of course! In handicrafts and many other uses of magnets, they are glued to wood, plastic or other materials. In the meantime, however, magnetic adhesive is also becoming more and more popular in industry. For a convincing result, however, it is always crucial to choose the right magnetic adhesive. In our shop you will find a selection of inexpensive and optimally suited products for many applications.

Neodymium blockmagnets

With most of our neodymium blockmagnets, the north and south poles are on the two opposite large surfaces. The few exceptions can be seen on the extra image. Like our neodymium disc magnets, these blocks also fall into the „neodymium super magnets“ category. With our large selection you are sure to find the right magnet for your purposes.
We offer the strong neodymium magnets with a nickel or epoxy coating. For example, magnets with a black epoxy coating are better suited for humid environments.