Magnetic tarpaulin as protection against the cold

Our customer has cost-effectively created a magnetic tarpaulin as protection against the cold for his mobile home.

Cold protection on motorhomes

I made a winter tarpaulin for motorhomes with the help of your magnets!

A tarpaulin as protection against the cold in winter costs over € 120 in stores.
A tarpaulin from the hardware store makes implementation easier and cheaper. This was cut to size and provided with sturdy adhesive tape.
Then this tarpaulin was pasted over with small strong magnets.
Lasts great.
You can also glue the loops on top. These fit under the doors on the inside. At the same time, the loops provide protection against theft. My total cost is around € 30.



For most of our block magnets, the north and south poles are on the two opposite large surfaces. The few exceptions are specially marked.
These cuboids fall into the „neodymium super magnets“ category. With the large selection, you are sure to find the right magnet for your application.
We offer the strong neodymium magnets with a nickel or epoxy coating. Magnets with a black epoxy coating are better suited for humid surroundings.

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Thanks very much.