Repairing a dishwasher flap

Our customer was able to avoid the expensive repair of his dishwasher flap with our magnets and a little bit of manual skill.

Repairing a dishwasher flap

Hi there,
here my magnet application:

While renovating, I accidentally stepped on the open dishwasher door. Unfortunately, the flap was slightly bent. It is no longer closed. The flap opens by itself when you wash up.
New price for the flap is over EUR 500.00. A repair is questionable. The cost estimate is approx. EUR 350.00.

Problem: The interior is made of Nirosta. That means stainless steel, (Nirosta for short). This material is not magnetic.
With 2 potmagnets and 2 magnetic metal strips, the inner workings become magnetic.

Pot magnets used


Pot magnets on flap

Repairing a dishwasher flap

I drilled two holes in the top section and screwed the pot magnets onto it.
The magnetic metal strips could be attached to the flap with the 2 existing screws.
Result: flap stays closed! Everything is „chic“ again! The most important thing: I’ve saved a lot of money!

Functioning of the neodymium pot magnets with steel pot:

The strong NdFeB magnets are installed in a steel pot. This metal housing protects the neodymium magnet from damage and increases the adhesive force. In order to achieve an optimal adhesive force, the pot magnet must rest directly on the metallic surface. A thin sheet of iron or paint can reduce the adhesive force very quickly. The adhesive force only acts on the open magnet side, since the steel pot shields the magnetic effect.

Special feature:

The magnet has a central hole with a counter bore. This allows the holding magnet to be securely screwed to the wall / ceiling using a countersunk screw. Metallic counterparts then adhere magnetically to this pot magnet. The maximum operating temperature is 80 ° C.
The holding magnets / assembly magnets / pot magnets are used particularly often in industry, trade fairs and assembly. Strong pot magnets are also indispensable in the advertising sector / display construction / lighting sector.