Bottle cap shack

Our customer presents his bottle cap collection in a unique way, namely in his bottle cap shack.

Bottle cap shack

Good morning

Inspired by your post with the magnetic foil, I found a nice use for my crown cap.
I wanted my beautiful light wood to be visible in the background. I chose the magnets that you can screw to the wall with a small screw.

Magnet used:
Ringmagnet Ø 11.0 x 2.7 x 4.5 mm Y35 ferrite – holds 350 g
So far I have used about 260 magnets with one screw. A crown cork hangs from each magnet.

Screws used:
2.5 x 16 Phillips

Bottle cap shack

Screws, brackets and bottle caps

Presentation of the collection

Expansion of crown caps and bottles

Crown caps and bottles

My crown cork collection refers to all drinks that were used in our house.
Since I also like to drink beer, the garden tool holders from the hardware store tempted me to hang the empty beer bottles (rinsed out) with the crown caps on the wall. The device holders were screwed into the wood through the crown caps with a screw.
Alignment was optimized using a level, spirit level, vernier caliper and pencil.

The project is growing and I still have a lot of space on the supporting beams in the wooden hut, so that a few magnets and crown caps can still find their place on the wall.
Even unusual types of beer will slowly but surely replace the „mainstream“. Preferably 0.33 bottles.