Tonie shelf as a dollhouse

Tonie boxes are becoming more and more popular, but storage is sometimes difficult, so today we would like to introduce you to a Tonie shelf as a dollhouse.

Hi there,

I would like to introduce you to my idea for magnetic Tonie figures:

Tonies are colorful figures that are placed on an easy-to-use Tonie Box, start a radio play or music, and are kept in the design of the respective radio play, for example. So that the figures don’t fall off the box so quickly, they are magnetic.

For a long time I have had the desire for a spacious shelf for Tonie figures. And in fact it’s me first and foremost, not the child whose figures are hidden in a drawer. Buying would be easy, but neither cheap nor individual. I set out to build a shelf that looks similar to a doll’s house, but is only as deep as the characters require. So rather a colorful type case.

Tonie shelf as a dollhouse

Required material

Mark motifs

Painted motifs

Finished painted parts

Glued together and painted

Tonie shelf as a dollhouse

And so I cut out all the necessary parts from craft plywood with a jigsaw and primed them white. The motifs are pre-drawn in pencil and then traced with black acrylic pencil. Then painted with acrylic paint and a brush. All parts were glued together and varnished with water-based satin finish wood varnish (suitable for toys).

Finally, the individual compartments were taped over with white Ferro-Soft tape (width 50 mm).

The self-designed Tonie shelf is finished, from which the figures don’t fall out again so quickly. And even the child now prefers to put them on the shelf than leave them in the drawer.