Attaching an insect screen to the skylight

Our customer was looking for a suitable solution for attaching his insect screen to the skylight.
Due to the sloping roof, this was not possible with commercially available products – they were simply too weak.

Attaching an insect screen to the skylight

Hello magnet shop team,

this is a very simple application to build insect screens on skylights!
For this solution only quite monstrous and expensive versions are offered by the trade.
A manufacturer built the frames we wanted.

Only the usual magnetic strips are designed for vertical windows and do not hold. Your small blockmagnets are just right!

Block magnets on the frame


Attaching an insect screen to the skylight

This solution is not only very practical. It is also easy to implement. A custom-fit fly screen for the roof window with a perfect hold.
Thank you to our customer for submitting his quick and effective roof window mounting solution.

With most of our blockmagnets, the north and south poles are on the two opposite large surfaces.
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