Fly screen on steel boat

Protected from annoying mosquitoes with the help of our magnets thanks to a fly screen on the steel boat.

Our magnets can easily be used on the water.

Fly screen on steel boat

Hello dear Magnet Shop team,
We are sending you two pictures of an idea we have for using your magnets.

We have a steel boat and were looking for good and practical mosquito screens in front of our window. There are no standard dimensions in boat building. My husband had a great idea.
In the pictures you can see great fly screens (important protection against mosquitoes in the water) made of glass fiber fabric, attached with a discmagnet Ø 12 x 6 mm

No fixtures had to be drilled into our boat. Visually it looks great. The purpose is fully met.
Should the fiberglass mat no longer look so good due to weather-related reasons, we can simply replace it thanks to your magnets.


Fly screen on steel boat

Fly screen

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