Cork Tree

Today we present you a unique project that was created with the help of our products, a cork tree.

Cork Tree

Hello dear Magnet Shop team,
Thank you for your advice and the sale of metal tape and magnetic tape.
The metal tape sticks very well to the cork wallpaper.
I put together this cork tree from cork wallpaper and glued it to the wallpaper in my practice.

Cork tree

I use the tree as a kind of „Power Point“ for my courses and lectures.
At first I wanted to buy a magnetic board, but then found it more individual with the magnetic strips.
On the tree itself I stuck white self-adhesive metal tape, width 35 mm, adhesive base for magnets (sticks very well to the cork wallpaper) for the individual information on paper.
The sheets themselves, A3 and 220 g/m², are self-adhesive on one side with magnetic tape on the back – 25.4 x 1.5 mm with TESA 4965. So I can change the pages at any time, depending on the topic.


Our self-adhesive magnetic tape comes in a width of 25.4 mm and a thickness of 1.5 mm. You can cut the tape to the desired length with scissors or a cutter knife.
The magnetic tape is used in fastening and locking technology, display and trade fair construction, planning and advertising materials, as well as in every household.

The flexible metal tape is also known as iron strip, ferrous strip or steel strip. With the help of magnets, you can easily attach pictures, postcards, notes, children’s drawings, posters, business cards, etc.
The tape is equipped with a self-adhesive padding foam on the back. It is therefore not necessary to drill holes in the walls for attachment!
It can be laid around corners without any problems and even sticks to rough walls. To do this, first remove the protective film on the self-adhesive side and attach the tape to the desired area.
You can cut the tape into a length of your choice . You only need conventional household scissors for this.