Raised garden bed

In today’s application, we will show you how to build a raised bed for early germination and frost protection and how to protect it with magnets.

Raised garden bed

Hello, everyone,

I have realized a new project „raised bed“ with the help of your products.

I needed the following materials: (all dimensions in cm, each L x W x H) (quantities depending on the desired height and size)

  • Floorboards 140 x 20 x 4 (cut to fit)
  • Frame wood 100 x 5 x 5 for fixing the floorboards to the posts – screwed concealed
  • Bubble foil 1,000 x 100 for lining inside
  • Poles 100 x 10 x 10
  • Pole support to set in concrete
  • Concrete
  • Torx screws 6 x 30 to fix the steel profiles
  • Plant fleece 1,000 x 150, cut to fit
  • Discmagnet Ø 30.0 x 3.0 mm N45 nickel – holds 6.3 kg – you need at least 3 pieces per 50 cm


Tools: screwdriver, circular saw, folding rule

Magnets used

Raised garden bed

I finished the edge with galvanized steel profile.
The steel profiles for the top cover are 200 x 3 x 5, galvanized – these are 1 cm wider than the floorboards because of the covering with bubble wrap.
I filled the raised bed according to the suggestions on the internet. Now in the spring, plant fleece is placed on the raised bed to promote early germination.
This also serves as frost protection. It is held with the disc magnets from your shop.

Works very well! Even in strong winds, the magnets keep the fleece in place. Important: let the magnets protrude a bit so that you can get them off again quickly!