Magnetic cable management

A magnetic cable management installed cleanly and neatly in no time without drilling.
With simple tools, a professional and clean cable management was created in no time at all!

Magnetic cable management

We own 2 Biohort garden houses. We wanted to supply the garden houses with light and electricity. Electric lines had to be laid.


Thanks to the magnets, there was no need to drill new holes. The result is a clean and safe cable routing. Implementation was uncomplicated.
This solution is very effective. These magnet systems hold securely and firmly on the garden houses. The function of the cable is not affected. A professional guided tour made by hand!

Magnetic system on switch

Magnet system with clip and tube fully assembled

Mounted cable management

detailed view

Magnetic cable management

The cables are thus protected from rough edges. Custom-fit, flexible and robust cable routing. Weatherproof and safe.

Neodymium magnet systems with threaded pin, rubberized

Magnetic systems are suitable for residue-free attachment.
The rubber-coated magnet systems are magnetic adhesive systems that can be used primarily on sheet metal with sensitive surfaces (paint, chrome, nickel, etc.).
This round rubber-coated neodymium magnet system is equipped with a threaded stem.
There is a rubber coating made of Santoprene ® on the adhesive surface. This protects the metallic primer from scratches and increases the displacement force.

Available in 5 different diameters from Ø 12 mm to Ø 88 mm (1.3 kg to 55 kg)

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