Mist nozzles magnetically attached

Mist nozzles have been magnetically attached here and ensure the perfect cooling off in hot summer temperatures.
Sitting comfortably together on the terrace can quickly be disturbed by the extreme heat.
To prevent this, we present a practical and effective solution.

Mist nozzles magnetically attached

Hello, everyone,

for my idea I needed 10 of your ringmagnets Ø 14.0 x 4.5 x 4.5 mm N35 nickel with countersink.

This allows me to attach spray mist nozzles with the required hoses to the steel girder of my patio canopy without drilling.
A cool application for hot summer days.

Used magnets

Mist nozzles magnetically attached

The quick and uncomplicated implementation of this idea was achieved in just a few simple steps. Now nothing stands in the way of cooling down.
Magnet applications like this do not offer ease of implementation. Drilling holes is saved. There is no damage and the magnets can be removed at any time and can be flexibly and individually implemented.

Strong ringmagnet with countersink for screwing and 2-pole magnetization.
This magnet does not need a magnet with a different polarity for use in pairs.
With this magnet, the south pole and north pole are on the countersink side.

You can also use two of these magnets in pairs if required.
Simply bring the two sides of the countersink together and, if necessary, turn a magnet 180°.

Thanks to our customer for sending us his idea.