Magnetic securing of LED strips

Today we present you a magnetic securing of LED strips.

Magnetic securing of LED strips

Ladies and Gentlemen

I used the magnets from your company for the following simple but useful application:

For a self-made steel housing I have provided LED strips for lighting.

However, the adhesive backing of the strips only sticks weakly to the matt black paintwork and since they are also attached hanging upside down, detachment was often the case.
In order to be able to make changes in the future and because I was concerned about adhesive drips on the LED top and edges, I wanted to avoid using stronger permanent adhesives such as epoxy.

When I was looking for a suitable alternative, I came across the following type of magnet:

Blockmagnet 10.0 x 10.0 x 1.0 mm N42 nickel

The quantity is calculated according to the mounting distance and the total length of the application.

These magnets are very suitable for securing 10 mm wide LED strips on ferromagnetic bases.
Due to the appropriate dimensions and the shiny nickel plating, I also find the application aesthetically pleasing.

It should be noted, however, that the magnets should not be attached to the open contact points of the LED strips, as this can result in a short circuit, and that the distances between the components on the LED strips must be large enough.

Magnets and Strips

Detail view

LED strip

Magnetic securing of LED strips

Thank you for this original and unique magnet application.