Magnets in aquaristics

Magnets in aquaristics

Some of our magnets are always used in practice when it comes to setting up aquaristics. The most popular items here include:

Magnets to fix the device in the aquarium

Roots and stones

Setting up the aquarium is often only possible to a limited extent due to a lack of brackets. Roots or stones can be adequately secured by gluing, but cannot be changed afterwards. Our waterproof magnets offer the optimal solution to this problem – by attaching magnets or magnetic adhesive grounds to these objects, they can be attached practically anywhere. Due to the high adhesive force and the plastic coating, a secure hold in the desired place is guaranteed and unwanted slipping is prevented.


Sufficient attachment of the plants is important for their growth, especially after they have been placed in the tank. Plants can be attached using magnets to anchor them securely in the ground or on stones/roots. This prevents possible detachment by currents or animals and the plants can grow as desired.

Filter system

“Suction cups – the hostage of aquaristics” is how our customer described them. Every long-term aquarist has certainly had experience with this method of attachment. At first it was very easy to attach to the glass with little pressure, but the disillusionment comes with increasing service life – the suction cups almost completely lose their suction effect and thus their adhesion to the glass. The result: floating technology in the aquarium and a resulting danger to the residents or defects in the individual devices.

Again, magnets offer a flexible and long-term solution for attachment.

Magnets in aquaristics as tool holders

Tools such as tweezers, trimmers, scissors, landing nets or spatulas are often used for tank care in aquascaping. Since these mostly have metallic components, they can be sorted and stowed away perfectly using a metal strip.

You can see a detailed explanation and implementation in the following video from our customer: