Magnets in the puppet show

Magnets in the puppet show? In the following application, our customer from Selje-Puppenspiele, shows us how to integrate the practical helpers into your stage play.

For this purpose, our evergreen cubemagnets 5 x 5 x 5 mm were used, which we offer in various sizes, silver and gold.

Cube magnets in different sizes and the colors silver and gold

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With the old art of puppet and figure theater, people like to use modern tricks today. To perfect the magic moments and the illusion of the living doll, magnets are reliable, silent and invisible – simply brilliant! In this example, I glued two 5 x5 mm cube magnets into each doll’s hand and only covered them with a layer of paper. Now every prop that is made of metal can be „grabbed“ and moved by the character without the player having to help. Depending on how strong the adhesion should be. Not only the strength and size of the magnet has to be selected. A wide variety of materials are also suitable as counterparts to the magnet. Here I used an old saw blade and a threaded nut. Bottle caps, different sized washers and white bleach from the lids of mason jars or cans also work reliably.

It’s just fun to figure this out and then see reliable effects hundreds of times on stage. Awesome!

Magnets in the puppet show


Always amazing where our products are used – puppet shows with magnets, simply brilliant!