Elementary school experiments

Two lessons of a special kind: Elementary school experiments in Wombach.

Elementary school experiments

Mr. Welzenbach and Mr. Weidner from the magnet shop in Lohr presented two magnet experts in the classroom. The students experienced the phenomenon of magnetism in a variety of ways.

According to the school’s press release: numerous materials on the subject that they brought with them enabled the children to directly encounter the learning content. They were amazed at a floating globe and bizarre shapes made of iron filings. Measured their strength against a particularly strong magnet. Were able to understand the effect of magnets themselves in many small experiments.

What was new and interesting for many children was that there is also magnetic liquid and even magnetic paint.

After a brief reflection by the children, in which they expressed their enthusiasm for the entertaining school hours, the two guests surprised the third graders with a very special gift: each pupil received a pair of chirping magnets.

Class teacher Klüg was delighted with the practical teaching material that was donated to the school and thanked the two magnet experts for the visit and their small gifts.


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