Carrera GO vehicles

Do you really want to accelerate on your Carrera track, but your Carrera GO vehicles just fly off the track in every corner?

We have the solution!

Carrera GO vehicles

In our range you will find the tuning magnet for all Carrera GO and D143 cars!

So that the fast Carrera speedsters don’t fly off the track too often!

This tuning magnet has the original dimensions of 10 x 5.5 x 2 mm and can be exchanged 1:1 for the original magnet of all GO and D143 vehicles.
With such a stronger magnet, a lot can be improved in the driving behavior of the racing car. Visually, this tuning magnet can hardly be distinguished from the Carrera original magnet.

Due to the significantly higher adhesion of the tuning magnet, the vehicles stick better to the racetrack. Much higher speeds can be achieved, especially in curves, without the remote-controlled vehicle breaking off the track.

This will make your car racetrack even faster and more exciting! More racing fun is guaranteed!

How to install such a magnet and what else you should pay attention to is explained very clearly in a video by Kaldan:


With a small screwdriver and a little manual skill, you can upgrade your speedster considerably.

Neodymium blockmagnets
With most of our neodymium blockmagnets, the north and south poles are on the two opposite large surfaces. The few exceptions can be seen on the extra image. Like our neodymium discmagnets, these cuboids also fall into the „neodymium super magnets“ category. With our large selection you will definitely find the right magnet for your purposes.
We offer the strong neodymium magnets with a nickel or epoxy coating. For example, magnets with a black epoxy coating are better suited for humid environments.