Practical towel holder

Practical towel holder with magnets on a garden lounger serves simply and effectively to protect the garden lounger fabric from sunscreen or sweat.
Unfortunately, the cloth always slips when the back of the lounger shown here is tilted if it is not held tight.

Practical towel holder

Even with standard loungers, a towel is quickly blown down by the wind when not in use.

The magnetic attachment shown provides an easy remedy here:

If the lounger does not have a tubular steel frame (e.g. also on vacation), it can also be attached using a combination of magnet and steel washer. The fastening then takes place in the area of the covering. (see green circle)


Neodymium magnets are also commercially available under the designation neodymium-iron-boron or NdFeB magnets. Neodymium is one of the so-called „rare earths“. The special and difficult thing about these metals is not their rarity, but the complicated extraction and release from other compounds. Accordingly, neodymium magnets are quite expensive compared to other magnets. But they are among the strongest magnets in the world – and this is already the case with small models of just a few centimeters. Before you buy neodymium magnets, you should think about the shape that is ideal for you.

Strong magnets for hobby and industry

Industry and hobbyists rely on an effective force that is many times greater than that of ordinary magnets. For example compared to ferrite magnets. New technologies ensure that the heat point at which neodymium magnets lose their magnetism has already shifted far upwards. Scientists assume that both the magnetic force and the hot spot can even be significantly improved in the near future. Neodymium magnets are not only very strong. They can be used at full power under extreme conditions. Such as high temperatures in industrial plants. Branches of industry such as PC and mobile phone manufacturers, engine workshops and high technologies are now unthinkable without neodymium magnets. Hard drives run faster, speakers perform better, it all works because of a small magnet with super powers.