Magnetic attachment of „changeable notes“

Magnetic attachment of „changeable notes“ on a warning sign as an addition to a warning triangle.
A warning triangle indicates a hazard, but not what type of hazard.

Magnetic attachment of „changeable notes“

However, this information can be decisive for the behavior of approaching road users. When you see a warning triangle, you often „only“ expect a breakdown vehicle.
Traces of oil, slippery roads or accidents entail additional dangers.

The warning sign shown provides a remedy here and can be used very well in combination with a small LED warning light.

The universal warning sign consists of an aluminum sheet (weight saving), which is covered with yellow reflective foil and orange, fluorescent foil. On the back it is reinforced by 2 transverse aluminum profiles to prevent buckling.

Steel washers on the back allow the translucent writing foils to be attached with 4 strong magnets on the front. The lettering is printed on foil and laminated to make the material insensitive to wear and weather. The foil is not damaged by magnetic attachment and moisture and dirt, which would impair readability, cannot penetrate. In addition, the lettering foil lies tightly against the retaining plate and cannot be lifted off by the wind or the draft of passing vehicles.

Four holes in the aluminum sheet allow it to be attached with cable ties or wires to delineators or a ground spike (handle of a folding spade) that is available in the trunk, for example.

A small, very light-intensive warning light attracts additional attention – even during the day.