Fasten the curtain for the skylight magnetically

Fasten the curtain for the skylight magnetically, quick and fast.

Fasten the curtain for the skylight magnetically

The problem; The curtain is too long, it sags, it is too short or it just doesn’t fit at all.

It is much more flexible if you stick small metal discs to the window frame to attach the curtain and simply fix the curtain to it with magnets.

On one side the metal disks are covered with a double-sided tape with a Scotch-Mount polyurethane foam adhesive. This adhesive is particularly recommended for applications where high resistance to aging, high shear strength and very good temperature resistance as well as good UV, weather and solvent resistance are required.

The white magnets are also not noticeable on the frame of the roof window and there is no need for annoying drilling.

A strong neodymium disc magnet with a white plastic coating. He is stainless. The magnetic core is surrounded by plastic. Can be used in wet environments as it is waterproof. This magnet protects the sensitive surfaces. It has an enormous adhesive force thanks to a super magnet made of neodymium. The magnet is equipped with a plastic jacket, thickness: approx. 0.7 mm. A cast-in disc magnet of approx. Ø 11.1 x 4.8 mm N42 nickel is hidden in the plastic casing.

Thank you to our customer for sending us this simple but very useful magnetic idea!