Poster hanger with magnetic strips

Posters can be hung upright and invisibly by using our magnetic tapes; Poster hanger with magnetic strips.

Poster hanger with magnetic strips



Work steps:

  • Shorten wooden slats and sand if necessary.
  • Shorten 2 magnetic strips (type A) and stick them to the wooden strips with all-purpose glue (remove the protective film first).
    I don’t think the adhesive already attached to the magnetic strip is sufficient for permanent bonding to wood. Hence the all-purpose glue.
  • Shorten 2 magnetic strips (type B) and tape the ends with adhesive tape so that the protective film cannot come loose.
  • Screw the ring screw into the upper wooden strip.
  • Align posters on wooden strips and attach with the loose magnetic strips (type B).


Poster hanger with magnetic strips

The poster was rolled and made of relatively strong paper. This will lift the bottom of the poster off the wall.

Self-adhesive magnetic tape with a width of 12.0 mm and a thickness of 1.5 mm. You can cut the tape to the desired length with scissors or a cutter knife.
The magnetic tape is used in fastening and locking technology, display and trade fair construction, planning and advertising materials, as well as in every household.

Idea (not implemented yet): Put a small piece of sheet metal (or a thin neodymium magnet) on the wall and a thin neodymium magnet (or sheet metal) on the lower strip. Should work.

A very simple but effective method of hanging a poster protected and almost invisible.
Many thanks to our customers for this great idea 🙂