Magnetic bit holder

Today we present you a very handy magnetic application from one of our regular customers; Magnetic bit holder.

Hello, I wanted to get back to you
After I made bottle openers with magnets as bottle cap holders, I now present you with a super practical holder for drills, hole drills and bits. Very simple, super strong, keeps what it promises.

Magnetic bit holder

Magnetic bit holder

When tinkering and tinkering in the workshop: you constantly have to change the drill, the bit for the screws or you need a handful of screws.
No problem with these magnets! A magnet with a hole in the middle.
Just a piece of leftover wood as a base, onto which a piece of round wood was screwed. Simply put the magnet over it and glue it with express glue.
Totally practical, nothing lying around on the workbench anymore, no more searching, really good. You always have the right tool at hand.

There are also magnetic bit holders on the market, but this one is very strong, large and practical.

Ring magnets made of ferrite – our all-purpose holding magnets

Do you want to attach a metal part securely without having to use a hammer and nails, tape or similar? Our ferrite ring magnets can be ordered in various sizes and quantities and can be unobtrusively attached to any metal surface.
Whether for coin and bottle cap collections, as blackboard magnets at school or as simple refrigerator magnets – the ferrite models offer a solid base that can be precisely adjusted to the size of the item in question.
Like all ferrite magnets, our rings are also rust-resistant and can withstand extreme heat and cold if necessary.
They are therefore also suitable for outdoor use.

Many thanks to our customer for another clever and intelligent magnet application.