Height-adjustable feet for bar table

After a successful consultation on the use of our magnets, the project came about; Height-adjustable feet for bar table

Height-adjustable feet for bar table

I needed these magnets for my bar table constellation that I wanted to build.
Old oil or grease drums should have adjustable feet.

With the help of a wooden plate and your magnets Ferrite pot magnet Ø 50.0 x 10.0 mm cylindrical bore, 18 kg, I was able to successfully implement my project.
(With 4 magnets, each weighing 18 kg, the plates don’t come off quickly either)

There was a dislocation of the feet. Your magnets were mounted from below with a 10 mm screw.

magnets on feet

Height-adjustable feet for bar table


In addition, you can also exchange the barrels or store them somewhere else than the wooden panels.
That way they stay pretty longer.

If events are taking place:
Let’s get the barrels out
Fasten the wooden plate with magnets
Here we go!

It couldn’t be any better or faster.

How the ferrite pot magnets with steel pot work:
A ferrite magnet is embedded in a steel pot. This metal housing protects the magnet made of ferrite from damage and increases the adhesive force. In order to achieve an optimal adhesive force, the pot magnet must rest directly on the metallic surface. A thin sheet of iron or paint can reduce the adhesive force very quickly. The adhesive force only acts on the open magnet side, since the steel pot shields the magnetic effect.

Special feature: The attachment is done here by e.g. a Torx or Allen screw. The screw can be screwed in concise in the central hole and the magnet can be securely screwed to the wall / ceiling. Metallic counterparts then adhere magnetically to this pot magnet. The maximum operating temperature is 200 ° C.
The pot magnets with neodymium are significantly stronger with the same dimensions.