Insect protection in the mobile home

In order to be able to sleep undisturbed, our customer installed an insect protection in the mobile home using our products.

Insect protection in the mobile home

Big problem with older mobile homes: no insect protection curtain!
With magnets, we have found a solution that is quick and easy to assemble and disassemble.
Wherever it was necessary, we attached a steel perforated tape in the door frame with a 5 cm wide gaffer tape (fabric tape).
Our insect repellent is placed on the manufactured tape and held securely in place with the magnets.
Works great and we enjoy the nights without annoying „bloodsuckers“

The following magnets were used:

Gaffer tape and magnets

Magnets on camper

Insect protection in the mobile home

The magnetic plate with snap hook should not be missing in any workshop. It is a quick and uncomplicated solution for everyone who is fed up with handling screws and tools. Another advantage of the magnetic plate with carabiner: You no longer need to drill holes in the walls! This also protects your walls.

General product information:
The magnetic plate with carabiner includes a glued-in neodymium disc magnet.
Due to this neodymium core, the magnetic plate has an enormous adhesive force. In order to avoid scratches and damage to the adhesive base, the magnetic plate has a white protective film on its metallic underside.

The snap hook brings a great advantage for permanent or temporary attachments. With the carabiner you can, for example, easily attach banners or calendars with the help of eyelets.