Box with magnetic closure

Today we will introduce you to a „mysterious“ magnet application; Box with magnetic closure

Box with magnetic closure

Magnets used:

Rodmagnet Ø 3.0 x 6.0 mm N48 nickel – holds 400 g

Rodmagnet Ø 3.0 x 10.0 mm N45 nickel – holds 500 g


Box with magnets without lid

bottom cover

It is important that the magnets in the front wall of the box are not in the middle but are offset approx. 1 mm to the rear.
This ensures that the lid is closed as far as it will go when the magnets pull the lid closed.
This means that the magnets at the bottom of the box are not exactly above the magnets in the lid, but are offset by approx. 1 mm to the rear wall of the box.

The magnets close the lid by themselves, as if by magic, the last 10 mm.

Box with magnetic closure

The advantage of our neodymium rodmagnets is their easy handling. Thanks to their elongated shape, they are easy to grip – and can therefore be used on pin boards, for example. By stringing together individual magnets, you can create neodymium rodmagnets of any length – whether you prefer large rodmagnets or small rodmagnets. Almost all models have the north and south poles on the flat circular surfaces (axial magnetization). However, some designs are magnetized diametrically (through the diameter).

Complicated clasps on a chain or bracelet can sometimes drive you insane. You can remedy this with a clasp made of two small neodymium rodmagnets in a precious metal look. You only have to attach the small rods once to both ends of a piece of jewelery and the two permanent magnet ends can be closed again and again thanks to their magnetic interaction. Small magnetic rods with a small diameter are particularly suitable here. A nickel coating also ensures a noble look.