Magnetic foil as advertising medium

Vehicle advertising for a rally vehicle thanks to magnetic foil as an advertising medium.

Magnetic foil as advertising medium

All the many meters of magnetic foil coated black, width 1000 x 0.85 mm, running meters that I bought from you, I used for my rally vehicles.
All advertising media were stuck on magnetic foil. I can attach these to the vehicle at will.

I’m driving a rally on August 27th, Berlin – Portugal. All my advertising stickers on magnetic foil can be easily removed again after the rally.

I’ve already passed it on to others and have met with great interest.

Rally vehicle with advertising

Magnetic foil as an advertising medium

High-quality magnetic foil for the production of magnetic signs, magnetic car signs, warning and information signs,
Warehouse labels and other magnetic advertising media. Product labeling on shelves, metal cabinets, for photos, displays, teaching, playing and learning materials, planning, organization, model making.

Very good quality and easy to use.

The non-magnetic side is lined with a colored PVC foil. Only a ferrous surface is required as the adhesive surface.
You can cut the foil to the desired dimensions with a cutter knife or scissors.

The following printing processes are possible:

  • Screen printing
  • UV
  • Solvent


Important note: Magnetic foils and magnetic tapes cannot be used as a base for magnets. Our metallic adhesive bases or whiteboard boards and foils are suitable for this.


A flexible and clever solution for advertising purposes with our magnetic foil.
Thank you for sending your magnetic idea 🙂