Tonie – Wheel

An ingenious and practical idea came about with the help of our products; the Tonie – Wheel.

Tonie – Wheel

Dear Sir or Madam,
We bought a hamster wheel from a pet store.

We used it to create a Tonie figure (they have a magnet) storage wheel.
It was painted by us.

Actually, I had also ordered a discmagnet Ø 10.0 x 3.0 mm N42 nickel – holds 2 kg from you.
I wanted to let this into the cork underneath the magnetic tape and glue it there.

These magnets should also hold Tonie figures on the outside of the wheel. I wanted to stick the white self-adhesive metal strip, width 25 mm, primer for magnets over the embedded magnets.

Because of the magnets (all children are very inventive), our son was concerned that she could find them and something could happen.

We have now only glued the metal band inside and the figures are holding up well.

There may be adhesion problems with large, heavy figures. If it gets too narrow inside because of the number of Tonie figures, we could increase the distance to the base plate. Another metal band would be glued on from the outside, on which the Tonie figures would hold.

For the magnets I will build something else and if it’s a fishing game.
Maybe this is an idea for other hobbyists.

Tonie - Wheel