Attachment tent for tailgate

Today we present a magnetic idea that allows you to use the bathroom in peace while camping; Attachment tent for the tailgate.

Attachment tent for tailgate


I would like to present the magnet application I made with your magnets. I used 24 discmagnets Ø 20.0 x 3.0 mm N45 nickel – holds 4.1 kg.

My girlfriend and I have a small camper van that we are currently getting ready for a longer trip.
We try to make as many things ourselves as possible. On the one hand, we want to save money, but on the other hand, we also want to design everything exactly the way we want it.
Since it is an older Renault Traffic, there are significantly fewer accessories than, for example, a VW Bulli. This time our goal was to make a Attachment tent for the tailgate.
This should form our bathroom for showering or for the mobile toilet. Alternatively, it is simply an extension of the room to sit outside.
There is no ready-made version available for purchase for our vehicle. The independent brands are either very expensive or not suitable. Especially for our bike racks. So we realized we had to make something.

Fabric panel for magnets

Sewing in the magnets

Pockets for magnets

Magnets in pocket

DIY – Tailgate extension tent

The idea quickly matured.

„A thin water-repellent and opaque fabric.“ This should be magnetically attached to the tailgate all around.
The fabric we used was opaque curtains from IKEA, which are also water-repellent.
We then cut these so that their length stopped just above the ground.
This means no dirt gets into the car.

We sewed small pockets on the top. 12 discmagnets with a diameter of 20 mm and a thickness of 3 mm were inserted across a curtain.
We then sewed the pockets shut. In total we made 2 curtains and used 24 magnets.

The 2 curtains mean we are very flexible and can decide in which direction the tent should be open. It can also be completely closed towards the vehicle.
These magnets have a holding force of 4.1 kg – perfect!

Our DIY rear tent can withstand stormy weather. It can be easily assembled and dismantled within 2 minutes. Since the tent only consists of thin fabrics and magnets, it also has an extremely small pack size. It can be stored wonderfully in the camper. It has already been used several times in smaller test drives. Works really great. This meant we were able to create exactly what we imagined for little money.

As a little note: I learned to sew during this craft project, which means that the sewing really doesn’t look professional. We are still very satisfied with the result.

Attachment tent for tailgate

Attachment tent for tailgate