Car sunroof leaking?

Car sunroof leaking? Seal with magnetic foil!
Heavy rain!? Is it dripping heavily through the sunroof?
The car is either old? You don’t have any money at the moment? The workshop doesn’t ask for an appointment until two weeks from now?
No problem – a magnetic film can help quickly and cheaply!

Car sunroof leaking? Seal with magnetic foil!

First you should check whether the roof is also „magnetic“ – i.e. whether magnets from the refrigerator, for example, stick to it.
Then measure the sunroof and add at least 10 cm all around.
Example: the sliding roof is 80 x 60. You should calculate at least 100 x 80 cm of magnetic foil.

The magnetic foil with a thickness of 0.85 mm is available in black or white. Both can be easily shaped with scissors – even slight curves are no problem:

Magnetic foil coated white, width 1000 x 0.85 mm, running meter and magnetic foil coated black, width 1000 x 0.85 mm, running meter

Testing with magnets

Magnetic foil positioning

Placing the magnetic foil

Whether as a car magnetic sign, for product labeling on shelves, metal cabinets, for photos, displays, teaching, play and learning materials, planning, organization, model making. All that is required as an adhesive surface is a surface containing iron (e.g. sheet steel).
The films can be easily cut to the required length or shape using scissors.

Attached magnetic foil

Then place the foil on the edge and roll the rest over the roof – make sure that the foil lies well everywhere.
Oh yes, cleaning the roof a little beforehand / rubbing it dry can’t hurt 🙂
If you want to enjoy the open air feeling again, you can store the film rolled up in the trunk, wait for the next sudden touch, or rent it out as an advertising sign.

Magnetic signs: your car as advertising space

Here in the test it stopped at approx 120 km/h – but that wasn’t due to the foil but rather to the traffic regulations

Magnetic foil on car

Detail view

Even holds when raining