Magnets on Ape

Our customer drove his Ape to a motorcycle meeting in Klausen. It had a bee on the hood that stuck to the Ape thanks to the magnets.

Magnets on Ape

I used 4 magnetic systems with a diameter of 43 mm, rubberized with a thread M6 x 15 – holds 10 kg.

Since it was not possible to attach the magnets flush to the roof with threaded holes in the bee, they were glued in with transparent assembly adhesive and left to dry for 2 days on the roof of the Ape (Ape = Italian and means bee)!

After this work, both bees were blessed at a motorcycle meeting in Klausen!

Magnets on bee

Magnets on Ape

Rubber coated magnet system
Round neodymium magnet system with rubber caoting and threaded pin. The rubber coating made of Santoprene on the adhesive surface increases the sliding force.
Very good for the residue-free attachment of, for example, signs on your car.
The rubber-coated magnet systems are magnetic adhesive systems that can be used primarily on sheet metal with sensitive surfaces (paint, chrome, nickel, etc.).
The rubber-like consistency of Santoprene® protects the sensitive surfaces from scratches (provided the surfaces are clean).
In addition, the high coefficient of friction of Santoprene® against metallic surfaces results in high lateral static friction forces.

Shear force: 3 kg