Spinning top – Carousel

When a hobby becomes a passion, a unique performance is created with the help of magnets and spinning tops.

Spinning top – Carousel

Dear team from Magnet-Shop and Magnet-Blog,

For several years now, I have been developing and manufacturing – in my retirement and out of passion – all kinds of toy spinning tops.
I sometimes use your magnets for this, as they can be used to create a wide variety of – and in my opinion – pretty impressive effects.
With spinning tops, they always say “everything spins!”
And when your magnets come into play, it spins even a little more.




This is my „spinning carousel“. It consists of two individual spinners. Which – first rotated and then connected via a wooden rod – in turn move the carousel. So there are three rotations: two of the two and a third of the carousel. The crucial „secret“ lies in the spinning top handles. Your magnets are installed in these:

I used the magnet model „Rodmagnet Ø 2.0 x 4.0 mm N45 Nickel – holds 280 g“

I installed one magnet per spinner. At the top, sunk into the handle, where it is rotated.
The magnet is then attracted to one of the metal pins that are inserted into the crossbar at the left and right ends.

You can describe spinning tops, but their effect only becomes apparent when you look at them. That is why I am sending you not only photos of different versions of the spinning top carousel, but also a video. It illustrates how to set the carousel in motion.