Magnetic holder for bits

Are you tired of the screws constantly falling off your cordless screwdriver because they are not magnetic? We have the solution: Magnetic holder for bits

Magnetic holder for bits

Hello dear Magnet Shop team,
I use the ring magnets with an inner diameter of 6.5 mm as a magnetic holder for my bits.
They fit perfectly on the bits with a longer neck, in my case Wiha.
In addition, the bit then holds better in the cordless screwdriver.

Magnets used

Magnetic holder for bits

The application is very simple; just put the ring magnets over the bit attachment. Done 🙂

With the different neodymium ringmagnets from the range, you get powerful permanent magnets that can be used for a wide variety of purposes. Similar to our discmagnets, we offer you a selection of axial neodymium ringmagnets (magnetic poles are on the two opposite circular surfaces) as well as a smaller selection of diametral ringmagnets (magnetization is parallel to the diameter on the left and right).

If you buy our neodymium ringmagnets, you have a wide range of possible applications. Rings basically have the advantage that their special ring shape makes them ideal for use in connection with screws or nails. They can be easily fixed to walls as attachments for other magnets. With the largest neodymium ringmagnets, you can lift more than 45 kg. In addition, our products are incredibly heat resistant. The rings with neodymium magnet easily withstand operating temperatures of up to 80 °C.

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